My name is Marco Cavazos and for the past three years I have been with Mercedes Benz of San Juan and I wear many hats in the company. I am the assistant to the new car director as well as smart car brand manager. The smart brand of cars is known for it’s uniqueness and individuality thus we require partners who can meet our needs and very specific demands. When I first took over the smart brand of cars we were just breaking into the deep South Texas market and we were taking it by storm. As popularity grew we were tasked with utilizing the smart brand as it was used in larger markets, not only as a means of a commute but also as a tool for a business. The smart is so easily recognized and catches attention at every corner, every light, everywhere. When I had a customer purchase twelve (12) smart cars to utilize for his advertising agency and for use at his radio station I soon realized that I needed a local company to help me provide printing, wrapping, and design services for my customers. I literally called everyone in “ the book”  and I vividly remember hearing the passion, interest and drive in one group in particular, that was the staff at “The Sign Depot”. Ruben Cepeda came to my office from one day to the next and made all theses promises to me about great service, timely work, great work and integrity. I soon realized that he would come through on all he had promised and the rest as they say is history. He has wrapped 20 -30 of my customer’s vehicles, be it for personal or professional use, sat with them through the design process and helped them realize what they had envisioned. Ruben has also designed and wrapped our dealerships vehicles such as a Sprinter commercial vans, Mercedes Benz Parts and logos, our front door delivery truck and my personal smart car. Ruben also aids in design and placement of the little things, zoning off parking spaces, the etched “Enter” sign that great’s all of our guests and the names on every office in our dealership. Ruben has been vital to our success and I will continue to do business with the great group at “ The  Sign Depot” and they  are highly recommended from me and all of us at Mercedes Benz of San Juan.

Respectfully Yours,

Marco A. Cavazos
Mercedes Benz Of San Juan
Smart Brand Manager)
Office:(956) 787-4400
Cell:(956) 800-9191